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Here are direct links to the following videos:

1- Calling Canada Geese -Instruction for all Eastern Shoreman Calls

2- Mastering Short Reed Goose Calls- for all Short Reed Goose Calls

3- Calling Snow Geese with Chris Swift- for all Snow Goose Calls

4- Calling SpeckleBellies with Chris Swift- for all Speck Calls

5-Tube Goose Call- Lesson 1- for all Tube Goose Calls

6- Let’s Eat! A series of great game recipes cooked on screen (broken down into separate videos by recipe)


Hi Waterfowlers!  Sean here. 

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you all for making 2022 our 37th year of making World-Championship, Hunter-Proven and Guide-Coveted Waterfowl Calls.  It has been an honor to “share a blind” with you and yours for so many years!

2022 is really 47/37/27 for me. 

  • 47 years ago I started working for a guide service here on the Eastern Shore.
  • 37 years ago I won my first World Goose Calling Championship.
  • 27 years ago I became the first person to win the World Goose Calling Champion of Champions title and won my first of 3 Mason-Dixon Duck Calling Championships.

Not a bad 47 year ride, and we are still going strong!

My initial goal was to make a better call than I could find anywhere else.  I have always needed to see the magic of birds “feet on my face.”  I did not realize that goal would not only come true for me, but that it would turn into something that allows me to help so many of my fellow waterfowl hunters.

My calls have won more than 35 World and International Goose Calling Titles -The Eastern Shoreman, The Shorty, The Sweet Talker, the White Out, and The White Front, and my Duck Calls.  Mind-Boggling to me, actually.

I just wanted to land the birds!

Imagine how many First Hunts these calls have made, how many Days they have made, how many careers they have made and how many Final Hunts they have made.  I am honored to be even a small part of that with, and for, so many great people!

All of my turned calls are made one-at-a-time, right here.  That means Design, Turning, Sanding, Polishing, Finishing, Tuning all the way to Packing and Shipping.

I don’t mold the EXPRESS models myself, but I do tune every call, turned or molded,  that leaves my shop.

That said, If you see the call you want listed here on the site, but it says “out of stock” and It won’t let you order it, I am probably in the process of making more. Several models are on “order-list” status now, but that is because they are very popular.  So if your choice is “out of stock”, please make sure you call me and get on that list!

And please remember that I can’t rush myself and make you a great call at the same time!

So, give me a call at 1-800-345-4539.  We can talk hunting & calls, and I can let you know when I will be able have your call ready for you.

You can also email me directly –


If you want a 4 Time World Champion Dave Coleman Model Tube call (DCT-1) I make them in Maple- $150, Rosewood- $175, and Delrin- $100- Look under Our Calls, and Canada Goose Calls and Tube Calls should appear.   I supply a variety of diaphragm weights with each of these calls, so you can find the one that fits you best.

Thanks Again and Good Hunting!  Sean Mann


Do You Need Your Calls Tuned For The Season?

  • For calls that currently cost under $200, $25.00 covers re-tune, new guts/reed (if necessary) & shipping back to you, in the USA.
  • Calls that currently cost $200 or more, $35.00 covers re-tune, new guts/reed (if necessary) & insured shipping back to you in the USA
  • International Customers, please call Sean for a Quote.
  • PLEASE ship your calls well packed, in a box with packing/filler, so your call doesn’t get banged around. This is very important in cold weather.
  • Please enclose a note with your Name, Shipping Address, Phone #, Email & any tuning requests.
  • Please send a check or money order in the appropriate amount (payable to Sean Mann Outdoors).

Ship your call to:

Sean Mann Outdoors

5589 Marlan Drive

Trappe, MD 21673

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