Snow & Blue Goose Calls

History of the White-Out
To tell you the truth, here on the Eastern Shore, we have used our Eastern Shoreman to call snow geese for years. Guiding in Canada brought on a new challenge, and a new opportunity. The challenge is that the snow geese we hunt in Alberta have higher pitched voices than the ones we have here in Maryland. Therefore, the Eastern Shoreman, as I tune it, doesn’t match the mid-continent snow goose population’s voice. In addition, using the Eastern Shoreman as a snow goose call is hard on the call and the person using it. The opportunity was to produce an easier to operate snow goose call that would absolutely reproduce the language of all of the White Goose sub-species. I completed the design in the spring of 1999 after using my prototype models on both the mid-continent birds I hunt in Alberta and the Midwest US, and on the Greater Snow Goose that we hunt on the Atlantic Flyway.

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