White Front (Speckle Belly) & Ross Goose

History of the White-Front
A lot of companies bring out new models simply to bring out new models. I don’t! In 1998, I began guiding goose hunters in Alberta Canada. If you’ve ever been there, you know that the variety of geese available in Alberta is un-paralleled on the continent. (If you haven’t been there, call me and I’ll guide you there.) I had hunted Alberta extensively and knew I’d need a good Speck call. I made the prototype for White Front in August of 1998 and it worked so well, and was so easy to use that my clients bought more than I could make the first year! We now have molded and custom turned White-Front models. By the way, if you hunt Ross’ Geese the White Front calls them better than anything. You just make a single-note instead of a double as you do for the specks.

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