Sweet Talker

History of the Sweet-Talker

We are always looking for a new twist, a different sound, or a different feel from our calls. I wanted to bring something out that gave the caller short-reed speed with a slightly softer and deeper sound. So I kept fooling around until I came up with the Sweet-Talker.

The first time I showed it to Keith McGowan, he said “That’s Me!” So, I named a “Sweet-Talker” after Keith McGowan, the first and only man to have won a World Championship, and ultimately 3 World Goose Calling Championships on a short-reed call. (Keith is actually the first person to win the World Goose Calling Championship three times-PERIOD, but if we told you that it would go to his head!)

The Sweet-Talker is a “Finesse Caller’s” dream, it’s the one that geese are falling for! No back-pressure, grunting or groaning needed to make the sounds you want.

Our “Easy-Tune Reed System” eliminates reed-shaving and allows you to field-strip and re-tune your call in seconds!

The Sweet-Talker fits most hunting situations and is the only choice when too much volume is a problem.

This call delivers beautiful true-to-life Canada Goose tones in a deeper, softer key than the original shorty and uses very little air pressure. Available in “Three-time World Goose Calling Champion Keith McGowan” Signature Series.

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