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sean_mannSean Mann is a native of Easton, Maryland. His father took him on his first goose hunt when he was 5 years old. He called in and shot his first Canada Goose when he was 7 years old.  Sean began guiding goose hunters in Maryland when he was 15.

Today, Sean has been guiding waterfowl hunts for over forty years. He began his career in Maryland guiding Canada Goose hunts on Chesapeake Bay.  His skills with blinds, calls and decoys make him the most requested guide in the region.

He entered his first World Goose Calling Championship contest in 1981, on a dare from his Dad.  Sean placed fourth in 1981, and fourth again the next year. However, in 1983, Sean finished third. Dissatisfied with “store-bought ” goose calls, Sean began designing a call of his own, which began the “long call revolution”. Sean took his prototype goose call to the World Goose Calling Championship in 1984. Although Sean and his goose call did not place in the top six contestants that year, he took many orders for calls from his fellow callers and professional guides. “The Eastern Shoreman” goose call was born.

Sean won the Mid Atlantic Goose Calling Championship in March of 1985 and the World Goose Calling Championship in November of 1985.  He repeated both of those Championship wins in 1986, all using “the Eastern Shoreman”, the “long goose call” he developed.

It’s no secret that Sean’s calls started the “Custom Goose Call Revolution.” Since 1985, Sean’s goose calls have won 36 World Championship Titles (Canada Goose, Snow Goose and SpeckleBelly), 2 World Live Goose Calling Championships, 9 World Game Calling Championship Calling Titles, 2 International Invitational Goose Calling Titles, The World Goose Calling Champion of Champions Title (the first call to do so), and The International Invitational Champion of Champions title (the first call to do so). They are used by winners of 36 World and International titles . No other calls even come close!

In 1994 he won the Mason-Dixon Regional Duck Calling Championship – with his own duck call. Sean repeated his victory in the Mason-Dixon Regional Duck Calling Championship in 1995.

Sean was the first winner of the prestigious “World Goose Calling Champion of Champions” competition held at the 1995 Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. As the victor of this competition, Sean was automatically and officially retired from World Goose Calling competition.

In 1997 Sean won the Mason-Dixon Regional Duck Calling Championship for a third time, officially retiring him from that competition as well. In fifteen years, Sean was a finalist in 12 World Goose Calling Championships, and 9 Mason-Dixon Duck Calling Championships, an unprecedented record in the history of the sport.

Sean is the first and only person to ever be officially retired from both The World Goose Calling Championship and the Mason-Dixon Duck Calling  Championship contests at the Waterfowl Festival.

Sean founded and ran the World Live Duck Calling Championship, The World Live Goose Calling Championship, Maryland State Duck and Goose Calling Championship Contests, The Chesapeake Bay Open Duck and Goose Calling Championships, the Upper Chesapeake Bay Goose and Duck Calling Championships, the Susquehanna Flats Classic Goose and Duck Calling Championships, the Old Time Barnegat Bay Goose and Duck Calling Championships, and the Old Time Barnegat Bay Two-Man Team Waterfowling Competitions.

He did it to give people with the love of calling more ways and places to share their passion.

Sean is a full-time Call-Maker and Calling Teacher.  He gives waterfowling seminars throughout the year, throughout the country.

A lot of today’s Canada Goose, Snow Goose, SpeckleBelly Goose and Duck call makers started calling with Sean’s calls, won championships with Sean’s calls, and still use Sean’s calls.  He has always said, “if there was room out there for me, there is room out there for everyone.  This is the music of many of our lives”

He still buys and collects calls of all types.

His wife Susan has put up with all of his noise since 1985, the year they met and the year Sean bought her ear plugs!

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