Double Trouble

History of the “Double Trouble”

For years folks have asked me why I didn’t make a double reed-duck call. The answer was always the same. I’ve always really liked single-reed duck calls, and felt like they got more duck voices than the double reeds on the market. Well, a friend of mine could not catch on to my single reeds, and relentlessly asked for a double reed. I told him that if I came up with one that he loved and I loved, too, I would do it! Here it is! I named it “Double-Trouble”, when the project began, as a tongue-in-cheek code name for “that pain-in-the-neck” DOUBLE-reed project that seems like too darn much TROUBLE. I take these challenges seriously though, and always said to myself, “I’m going to finish it because I know that if it can be done I can do it”.

What I did was go in a direction that I didn’t see any other call makers going in…again! Most call makers look to either make a duck call that anyone on the street can get a duck sound from, leaving variety of tone out of the project, or to make a call that a contest caller would like. I wanted to make a call that anyone on the street could get a bunch of duck sounds from easily by simply blowing harder or softer, and to heck with the contest approach.

The result is a double reed that appeals to EVERYONE I have tried it on. It gives you great greeting calls. It quacks great, and it does great feeding sounds. One of its coolest aspects is that the harder you push it, the more commanding and aggressive the call sounds, without ever leaving the language of Ducks! It just gets fuller and angrier, and more “Bossy”, for lack of better terms. The ducks love it, and I think you will too!

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