Chris Cleveland’s last hunt of the season

We had our last hunt of the season this past weekend. The conditions were post-snow storm with winds shifting NW to S, barometer falling, temperatures rising from the mid-teens, and heavy overcast skies. Tenacious scouting by the group leader provided us the “X” spot for a late morning feed. Fifteen dozen decoys deployed on a disked corn field (socks, silhouettes, full-bodies, and shells). The Canadas we hunted were late-season educated birds that were call and decoy shy.

The hunt:

Earlier this year, after talking things over with Mr. Mann about the call I was in search of, we came to the determination that I was looking for an Express Shorty Goose Call. The Express Shorty is a short-reed goose call that packs a punch and is able to climb up and down the scale. We were able to call geese from great distances and work them in close with low-end murmurs. Sean was able to pre-tune my call prior to purchase. Side note – He actually answers the phone at his shop and gives you all the time that you need to discuss things over.

The actual hunting part of our trip lasted 45 minutes. We all harvested limits and were able to pick out the specific birds we wanted. This is significant because we knew that the birds were educated and had seen or heard it all by this point in the season. I believe that the call was an important aspect of our effective hunt. An added bonus, using this call is that you can flag in one hand and effectively call in the other.


If you are in search of a great call and outstanding personalized service; I would recommend that you contact Sean Mann.

Chris Cleveland- Iowa