Sean Mann Express White Out and SMO Black Flag…Right Tools For A Good Day!

Well I think I got it down now. When you have a Patternmaster on your gun and some kent #1 in the chamber and a Sean Mann Express White Out on your lanyard with 500 decoys out and a Sean Mann flag in the other hand you have all the right tools to a good day. Then you look off in the distance and you see thousands of snows. You start calling and flagging. Then comes the moment three hundred or so brake off coming right at you. Time slows down your heart is beating and you start talking to yourself in your head. The birds start to knot up. They are dipping and diving around and around. You tell yourself hold hold. One is on the ground then two, three, four……. You drop your call and yell out take them. You pull the trigger like you are doing some kind of Richard Simmons work out with your finger. You hear the sound of birds hitting the frozen ground… it sounds like sacks of potatoes falling from the sky. Then it happens – click. You reach for your ammo and get two more shells in allowing you to bag one more. We got 11 birds out of 3 shooters and two I would say putting out ground cover first timers. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
Thanks for all of your help and hope to talk to you all soon.

Matt & Krista