Highly Impressed With Your Unique and Effective Goose Calls

Mr. Mann,

I recently ordered 3 Wing Nutz Duck Calls for my sons and me. A month or two ago, we ordered some goose calls, a few of which were camouflage. My boys and I are wondering when, and if, you anticipate offering camo Wing Nutz Duck Calls? We have thoroughly enjoyed (and have had great success) with the goose calls. Therefore, we anticipate similar results with your duck calls.

My sons and I are avid (or, should I say, RABID) waterfowlers, and we are highly impressed with your unique and incredibly effective goose calls.. We can’t wait to receive our new duck calls. I just wanted to take the time to let you know how awesome your products are, and we eagerly await purchasing camo Wing Nutz duck calls, as soon as you offer them…


Al Ward