I Consider Sean Mann My Mentor

Dear Sean Mann,

My name is Randal Nelson, I live on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I am 17. I enjoy living in the goose hunting capitol of the world. I know you also live on the Eastern Shore. I have been blowing duck calls for three years and goose calls for one. My second duck call was your express, Arkansas style. I really like that call. Unfortunately, I left it in the blind one night and never did find it.

I recently watched your “Family Tradition” DVD. It was so neat. I also recently learned how to make waterfowl stuffers and have opened a taxidermy shop on my friends’ farm. I learned how to make stuffers from a guy on your field staff, Bill Quade. He is a really nice guy and he told me a lot about you. I also know Wayne Bart, he lives in Trappe. He told me he knew your father when he had an idea to open up his first gun shop.

I consider you my mentor and appreciate your great example as an ethical and supportive outdoorsman, as well as a God-fearing man. I am now saving to buy one of your duck calls and an Eastern Shoreman goose call. I would really appreciate it if you could send me a logo sticker to put in my taxidermy shop to spruce the place up. After I buy the calls I plan on mastering them then possibly attempting to join your field staff. That would be awesome!

Thanks again for your fine example,

Randall Nelson | R & L Taxidermy